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Grab your Starbucks coffee and walk next door into our beautifully designed office where you are greeted with a smile and a trendy atmosphere. This is just the beginning of what sets us apart from other “traditional” orthodontic offices. Welcome to our Digital Orthodontic Boutique! Let me explain…

What is a digital orthodontic boutique?

I knew from a very early age that I wanted to become an orthodontist. I remember going to my orthodontic appointments and thinking “there’s probably a better way to do all this.” What stood out most to me were those gross-tasting molds of my teeth. These molds (also known as impressions) were taken so the doctor could diagnose my case and come up with a treatment plan. He then had to take another one to make my expander, and then a third one to make my retainers. Didn’t he know I could choke on that impression material?

Today, everything in our lives is optimized by technology. Below are some of the ways I have embraced technology in my office in order to create the ultimate digital orthodontic boutique.

I LOVE my Itero Element 5D digital impression scanner

My digital scanner is my favorite technology because it is so versatile. In my office, I scan everyone at their consultation visit.  We start with scanning your bottom teeth and then scan your top teeth, making sure to get the entire tooth surface. We also scan your teeth in a biting position.

  • I do this because the scan is a powerful visualization tool.
  • It allows me to engage directly with you and show functionally how you bite and chew.
  • I also use it to show simulations of how your smile can look.
  • It’s amazing to be able to see your actual teeth lined up and show the outcome of your future smile on your actual face! I love being able to work with you while you are in the chair and change the simulated tooth position by moving your digital teeth in real-time so we can come up with your perfect smile together.

Bye Bye Impressions- Hello 3D printers!

Other ways I utilize my digital scanner is through optimizing and streamlining my workflow which in turn allows fewer patient visits and a better patient experience! I use my scanner to 3D-print models, develop 3D-printed customized brackets, and 3D-print appliances such as expanders.  This technology has allowed me to decrease the number of times a patient needs to come to my office while simultaneously making orthodontic treatment faster, more efficient, and more enjoyable!


Invisalign is a game-changer in my practice. I design tooth movements to allow my patients to change their Invisalign trays every week while only having to visit the office approximately every 12 weeks (about 3 months). No one could have imagined this would be possible 20 years ago! Other advantages to Invisalign include its invisible appearance, comfort, improved oral hygiene, and the opportunity to eat whatever you want during treatment!

Virtual and Remote Monitoring – If you want it!

Virtual Care is a great resource that allows me to virtually monitor my patients between their scheduled in-office visits.  This is perfect for busy families who would like additional attention to their care.  It allows me to monitor progress weekly while you get to remain in the comfort and convenience of your home.  My favorite monitoring platform is through Invisalign virtual care because you can use your My Invisalign app which is very user-friendly.

Digital X-Rays

I would only recommend going to an office with digital x-rays for a variety of reasons.

  • In my office, I went one step further. I purchased an x-ray unit that had the lowest radiation possible while delivering the highest quality images.
  • Digital x-rays also allow improved communication between myself and your general dentist and I like to enlarge them on a tv screen to explain what is going on!

I am so proud that we are Richmond’s first and only digital orthodontic boutique. The customized layout, fashionable design, meticulously researched technology, and our priority for customer service are what set us apart from other traditional offices. I love giving my patients this new and improved experience and I can only imagine what our boutique will be like 20 years from now as we continue to evolve!

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