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When Feinstein 360 Orthodontics opened its doors this past summer, one of my immediate goals was to get involved in the Chesterfield community in a meaningful way. Traditionally, orthodontists will sponsor school teams or speak with individual classes directly. Those are both important and impactful, but I wanted to do something different and bigger.

I learned about Communities in Schools which is a fantastic nonprofit organization. Their mission is “we surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.” After speaking with several people involved in the organization, I was connected with a woman named Candice who wanted to host a pickleball tournament to benefit Chesterfield students burdened by the challenges of poverty, trauma, and other stressors. I immediately jumped on this idea! Little did she know that my husband and I had secretly become obsessed with pickleball.

First, I want to tell you a little more about Communities in Schools and then I’ll tell you how Jarrod and I did in the tournament.

More About Communities in Schools

Communities in Schools hopes to empower and equip every student to take on and tear down the barriers that stand between them and an equitable path to their education.

There are 11 schools that benefit from Communities in Schools:

  • Bellwood Elementary
  • Bensley Elementary School
  • Chalkley Elementary
  • Ettrick Elementary
  • Falling Creek Elementary School
  • Falling Creek Middle
  • Manchester Middle School
  • Salem Church Middle
  • Carver College and Career Academy
  • L.C. Bird High School
  • Meadowbrook High School

Tournament Results

The event was an enormous success. There were a few different competitions that players could enroll in. There were raffles worth over $1,000, food, and other vendors there to support the cause.

Feinstein 360 Orthodontics was there as a sponsor and played in the event! Jarrod and I decided to compete in the Mixed Doubles 3.0. This was our first tournament so we were nervous about how we would do.  We won our first three matches, and then in the finals it started to storm! We decided to take the silver medal and be good sports  We had the best time and hope this is one of many pickleball charity tournaments!

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